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Notice:  Ventrilo server is for our adult members (18 and older) only.

Hey guys, we now have a Ventrilo server.  What is that?  It is a chat program that will allow us to verbally communicate during gameplay.  It is strictly voluntary and is awesome to use when we are having guild events such as parties etc. or even just during gameplay when running dungeons etc.

All you need is to download the ventrilo program and get a headset with a microphone on it.  You can purchase one of these at Walmart/Target/Best Buy etc.  A decent one cost around $20 and a good one around $40-50.

Here is the site to download vent and vent info..

Our server info is:     port:  3957    password: dtserver1

Hope to see you there!

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Aaw so cool, but don't have the machineries, and i'm really shy to speak lolz!

But it's nice to know we have it :)

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Vent is very handy when it comes to running dungeons and talking to guildies so be sure to use it if you get the chance.



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I got set up.


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I am going to go get a mic prob tommorow and i will get vent today. Cant wait to talk on there :)

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I was using vent on all the game I was playing , inclusive DotA. L2. Etc... I know how to use it mwhaha



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I was just wondering, even though i'm 17, could I still come in the vent and talk to y'all? I used to play a game called darkorbit and we used teamspeak, everyone on there was like 25-50 so.. I can carry on adult conversations ;)

Just didn't wanna come in the vent and get yelled at for being 1 year younger (not sure how strict y'all are)


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YOUR 17?! IM 14! FUCK!

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