About Us

Double Trouble was created by our original smexy trouble maker, Panders, and has been around for over a YEAR now causing our own special brand of trouble and mayhem. We are an adult guild, with an awesome group of members, and fairly equal mix of boys and girls. We currently have over 80 members, and are growing every day. Nearly half of the members are active - logging on regularly. We enjoy a chat, love to help our guildies out with all manner of things from quests to gear, and we are partial to dancing all nite. We don't have a motto, but if we did it would be something random from the auto chat like "Get on the bowl and dance". We don't have a dress code except to request that you wear the DT guild colors of Black and White at any DT event. We reside on whatever server takes our fancy and we can often be seen dancing up a storm somewhere in a DT huddle. We don't have too many rules (makes life boring), but we needed something to fill the page, so read on below.


While we are a fun and social guild, we have found it necessary to have a few rules:


Although Double Trouble is first and foremost an adult guild (18+) we will allow underage players that display mature behavior.


No drama allowed, no fighting, scratching or biting of any kind and absolutely no spamming or begging for coins, gear or the like (if someone wants to share their loot with you they will without you pestering them for it!). We cannot emphasize this enough! Absolutely no drama!!!


No fighting in guild or vent chat, if you have a beef with someone please deal with it outside of the guild.


Always respect your fellow guildies space, this means no constant tp’s and if they don't wanna chat then leave them alone.


Come with a friendly happy shiny approach to life and don't take things too seriously, that way you can't get offended.


Be willing (and able) to dance on demand when a leader or officer asks.


Absolutely NO sharing of guild mates private information with others!  As we all get to know each other better, we will learn a lot more about each others private lives and information.  Please be respectful of your guild mate’s right to privacy and do not share anyone’s information.

If you break any of the above rules, we will give you a warning.

If you break the rules a second time we will do one of two things:

  • For minor offenses we will demote you.
  • For major offenses we will remove you from the guild.
Guild Leaders reserve the right to take immediate action for any major offenses, and will remove members for serious breaches without a warning if necessary.

In the event that none of the Leaders are in game, then Guild Officers have the power to demote members who break the rules and will inform the Leaders who will make a decision about that member's future with the guild.

Our advice is understand the rules before you sign up with DT, and don't break them!

How do I get promoted?

  • All new members start off as a "Recruit", and will remain so for one Free Realm week (i.e. 3 days), minimum.
  • At the end of that FR week if you have been a good little kitty then you will be promoted to the rank of "Member".

  • Becoming an "Officer" is dependent on a few things:
    - how long you have been in the guild
    - how active you are (active members are those who log on regularly during any given week, at least three times a week is a good start)
    - how well you get along with your fellow guild mates
    - and previous experience as an officer in a guild won't hurt either
  • If you are interested in becoming an officer, please discuss with one of the leaders first, if after that you are still keen we will ask you to fill out a short application form, which will be reviewed by the leaders and a decision made.
  • Please do not be a pest however or get upset if we decide not to promote you right away. Remember, this is first and foremost a social guild of friends and not everyone can be an officer.
  • Double Trouble currently has three Leaders. We will not be appointing any new Leaders in the foreseeable future. If you are interested in joining DT because you want to be a Leader, or even an Officer, we suggest you look elsewhere or start your own guild.

Who are the Head Honchos?

Our current leaders and officers:



Panders (creator)


Kimiko Foxfeather


Donovan Lionmace

Fiery Rose

Karen Souldancer

Mikki Flow


Robert Wolfgale

Sarah Fieryheart


Arioch Freerealms

Chammy Pie


As we keep saying, we are a fun, social and chatty guild so we are always huddling together planning new exciting events to keep our guildies amused (and out of trouble!). Future plans for the guild include weekly and monthly events such as guild house and trade parties, dueling events, level ur job competitions (with cash prizes), and so much more. If you have any suggestions let us know!  In fact, feel free to plan your own guild event, just post it on the guild site in News and put it on the calendar!

Are we taking new members and how do I join?

Sorry but we are NOT taking any new members for the foreseeable future.